A few weeks ago, I had dinner with an old school friend of mine, Sarah Cherif. She’s the elegant, charming and accomplished owner and founder of CUTE Solutions. She also jointly owns, but that’s another story all together.


Owner & Founder of CUTE Solutions

CUTE Solutions is a company that focuses completely on teaching habits to individuals, teams and organizations. After all, a company or a team can only be successful if all members have very specific daily routines – when these tasks can become habits.

Not easy, because 88% of the people fail when they try to learn or change a habit. Organizations that have a track of change will fail in 70% of the cases, usually because of similar reasons; errors that have been made over and over again.


To circumvent these problems, CUTE Solutions works around the principle “People learn more when they learn a little a lot” – People learn faster with short learning moments that are organized on a regular basis. Additional to that, the CUTE Solutions staff integrates a framework that supports these teachable moments and makes them a part of a cultural change within the company.


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We believe this is already an interesting and inspiring way of working !