Some weeks ago we wrote about the “Athens Insiders”. They are  an organization creating work despite the crisis in Greece and provide tourists beautiful and authentic tours of Athens, the city where they were born and bred. What brings them together is their genuine love for travelling.


Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is famous for its ancient historical sites and has plenty of ancient ruins and sites to see. It is also famous for hosting the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, as well as those of 2004.

Athens is home to the best philosophers the world has ever known. Socrates, the best of the Greek philosophers of Athens, once said : “The unexplored life is not worth living”. Besides all the art, history and philosophy, there is another important aspect that is so characteristic of the Greeks – their food.

One of the many tours the “Athens Insiders” offer is the “Flavours of Athens”. On this tour, you can explore the city of Athens from a foodie’s point of view. Be lost in the historically rich streets of the capital of Greece eating, tasting, drinking and cooking.

Fiona and her partner have been on this glorious tour this summer. Visiting Athens for 4 days they just thoroughly enjoyed their tour with Yanna and Vasileia (the names of the charming tour guides). We can't think of a BETTER way to discover the true spirit of Athens. We are looking forward to more authentic tours with Athens Insiders in hopefully the not too distant future.

"We were in a small group of 4 (there was also another couple participating the tour), this meant we could enjoy the tour more, ask more questions and learn more about the what, why and how about every store we visited. Every time they told a bit about the history – about the ancient world and the preservation of fruit by drying the figs which prompted the Persian king to conquer the Greek immigrants from Asia minor in 1920, and doubled the Greek population. All of this had an influence on the Greek cuisine.


And we visited a lot of shops! It was so nice, we bought spices, teas and oils which we took home to Belgium. A good tip : don’t eat breakfast in the morning and sleep as much as possible the night before the tour. Then you can taste the food and spices as much as you want during the tour which lasts +-4 hours (from 9am to 13pm). I also recommend to take a small, empty backpack with you during the tour, so you can easily carry the things you will be tempted to buy.

Our guides competently lead us through a food stroll and introduced us to small, hidden gastronomic geography of the city. A day not to forget your camera. This magnificent off the beaten track tour finally ended with a tasting at a tremendous Greek savoury meat shop."

We believe there is still a lot to discover in the beautiful, authentic Athens. Would you also like to discover the inspiring world of the Greek gastronomy ?


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