How do you know how many calls (leads) your online campaign has brought in?

Phone calls are a key success factor when dealing with marketing campaigns, both online and offline. If you have a lead generation website this is probably one of your most important KPIs and crucial for the generation of your business results. Only thing is it’s quite difficult to link back such a telephone conversation to your online campaigns, your Adwords campaigns and your website. How can you get around this difficulty if measuring telephone conversations is the exact key to optimizing your marketing activities?

For example, a customer can click on an ad for shoes and visit an online shoe store on her desktop computer. The customer can then call the store with her smartphone (another device). This means that the call is not linked to the original ad. And yet these calls are the main KPIs for your business. The more breaks in the measurement chain from your analysis, the harder it is to report on the results of your marketing campaigns. How can you still go to assign budgets to the appropriate source of influence?

At Web-Fi we often get this question about how click-to-call and phone tracking works. There are a range of solutions available for feedback from calls to online marketing activity. There are a number of solutions possible, but given the frequently recurring question, we are happy to share some of our ways of working with you.

What is click-to-call?

The measurement of a telephone call directly from an ad

This is an option if you use Google AdWords click-to-call extensions. In this case, AdWords will show the pictogram of a bell when the ad appears on a mobile device.

You can use click-to-call extensions, also called call extensions, if you want to encourage your customers to call your company. With call extensions you also have a detailed report of the calls you received from your ads.

Call extensions can differ depending on the type of device on which they are displayed:

  •  Iphones, Android devices, ...: Use a clickable button 'Call' which is displayed to customers who see your ad appear in the search results Google, voice search on Google Mobile App or Google Maps. 
  • Desktop, laptop computers or tablets: Your ad will appear with the phone number (for obsolete extensions use divert numbers or use the upgraded call extensions)

When a customer clicks on the phone number in your ad, the same cost will be charged as for a standard click on the ad.

The telephone number is only 'clickable' for devices that users can click to call. (eg: no clickable phone number on iPod Touch devices)

Since ads are also based on where the customer is located, the potential user will see the clickable phone number of the business location that is closest to that user in the neighborhood.

For advertisers using click-to-call the results prove to work very well. Click-through rates can improve by an average of 5-30%. Moreover, this extension evidently allows more clicks to their website.

Choose what fits best for your business.

We can recommend a variety of methods to measure calls. So you can measure in a fairly simple way how many people call using a phone number on your website. This data can also be entered directly into Google Analytics. Curious to find out more? Just contact us!

We can assist you in choosing a method to measure calls. Which implementation is best suited for you will depend on your traffic sources, the complexity of your marketing mix, as well as how much time you can spend on creating technical solutions. Keep in mind that it is also possible to combine several methods, depending on what you want.

The last - and most important - step is to ensure that you can start using this information to optimize your marketing activities. Because the data-driven marketing mantra certainly holds true, everything has to be action-oriented!

We want to hear from you. So call us!

Season’s greetings,

- Fiona