While I was writing my last article we were in Amsterdam. In this blog, I will tell you more about it !


Us ladies from Webfi were invited by the people of Ticketscript, to give a workshop on how to work with Google Analytics.


Now you can ask yourself, what is Ticketscript?


Ticketscript is a company that sells tickets online, via Facebook, mobile or at people's doors. This service is completely free for event organisers ! Thanks to Ticketscript the organisers don't have to direct their visitors to ticket sites or other platforms, they help you to make your own website, Facebook and other media, professional selling-channels. Good to know is that 70% of every ticket-buyer prefers to buy their ticket at the event or the location itself.

On Thursday evening, the 10th of July, we started our trip on the Thalys. The train ride took around 2 hours. The only problem we had, was that we didn't have a good connection with the train between Schiphol and Amsterdam, so we had to take another train in the station of Schiphol to get to Amsterdam

We stayed at the Hilton hotel in Amsterdam. Once we arrived there, we went to our rooms and put our luggage there, we installed ourselves and then we went back to the lobby. We were going to meet up there, to go and visit Amsterdam.

We walked through the really cosy streets of Amsterdam. Then we decided to take a look at the Hilton Skylounge, back at our hotel. This was a nice, loungy concept where you could go for drinks. The atmosphere was fun, and it was a good place to relax. After our drink we all went to bed. The next morning was going to be early and we had to be prepared !

The next morning, Fiona& I went for breakfast in the hotel. The stay in the hotel was very pleasant. The service was also very friendly, they helped us immediately with coffee or thee. And as usual Fiona & I chose a Lait Russe.

After our breakfast, we ordered a cab, and went to the offices of Ticketscript. After making acquaintances, Fiona started the presentation. I had the brochures printed out, so the people could follow the workshop with the powerpoint on paper. Fiona did the presentation, and I assisted.

At lunchtime, a good first part of the workshop done, Fiona & I went for dinner at a nice little café around he corner. Because of the warm weather, we both enjoyed a cold water, and we talked about the presentation and our positive impressions of the company.

The Dutch people were really friendly during our visit to Amsterdam. They gave us information about the city, and you could also see that the people there were very committed.

We went back to the offices of Ticketscript after lunch and continued the workshop. At the end of the presentation there was a Q&A so people could ask more questions. We handed out our Web-Fi brochures, so that people had the information about Web-Fi if they wanted to contact us for extra questions later on.

Before taking our train back home, we had the time to go for a drink and something to eat. The weather was still very nice !

The only problem we had on our trip back, was that we had to get off the train again in Schiphol, and search for our Thalys there. They still seemed to have some problems.


It wasn't really a big isue, and we really enjoyed our presentation & stay in Amsterdam. They were really people, and we had a nice stay. We most enjoy a pleasant setting for working, as Fiona said. We had the chance to share our knowledge, and this was for us the most important part of the trip. So, this is worth repeating ! 



# Michel Nauwelaers 2014-08-13 08:15
Dat zag er mij een geslaagde business trip uit.